Antalya, TÜRKİYE
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YILDIRIM TECHNOLOGY was found in 1976 by Ahmet YILDIRIM and started its activities. Completing its corporate infrastructure, it has taken its place among the leading companies providing solutions in the sound, light and vision systems industry.

YILDIRIM TEKNOLOJI safely presents its excitement with its strength and amateur spirit, its professional business plan and experience, its technical skills and solutions to its customers seeking qualified service. Our human resource consists of sincere, young and dynamic teams who love their job, see their commercial stakeholders as part of the family, value and act with understanding.

As YILDIRIM TEKNOLOJI, we have added a new machine to our basic needs. We wanted to prevent the Corona Virus (COVID-19) epidemic that started in China from spreading rapidly all over the world and in our country. We have focused on mask production machines with our experience of 18 years of uninterrupted cooperation with the Far East and European Countries and our innovative partners with our overseas partners.